Qualities of a Great Tour Guide

When it comes to choosing the best tour guide, you need to consider several factors. Remember that depending on the tour guide you choose, you may enjoy your trip or end up regretting why you chose him or her. Tour guides act as entertainers, professionals, teachers and entertainers, which mean you, need one that has the ability to provide you with the best experiences. This informative post gives you 5 Qualities of a Great Tour Guide.



The best tours usually take place in areas where the environment is relaxed. That means when looking for the best tour guide, you need one who will offer you professional services and act accordingly. Remember that an ideal tour guide should be able to appear credible and establish authority among the traveling audience. He or she should greet tourists, dress well, be punctual, attentive and courteous. That will ensure the audience respects them.


Educates the Tourists


Another quality of the best tour guide should be the ability to educate tourists. For example, the tour guide should deliver the information in an interesting way, which encourages the tourists to converse, ask questions and answer some of them. The guide should also have tools that will assist the tourist to know more about the place they are touring. The result will be value for money on the part of the visitor.


Be Honest


It may be tempting to answer questions that one doesn’t know the answers. However, of the best qualities of a great tour guide is, to be honest. The reason is the tourist may know the answer, but ask just to know if the guide is knowledgeable. The best way to answer questions you may not know is by referring them to resources, which may have the answers. That will ensure you raise your credibility levels and offer customers the best customer care service.


Strives To Learn and Improve


The best tour guides continuously try to learn more, which means the trips they have with tourists end up being the best. That means if you encounter areas that need improvement, you should try to learn more, which will ensure you provide clients with truthful information. Encourage the tourists to give feedbacks after tours, which will give you an idea of areas that need improvement.


Speaks Clearly


Excellent tour guides speak clearly and loudly, which enables guests to digest any information you offer them. For the best outcome, it’s advisable that you opt for small group tours. It will enable you to manage questions and provide guests with the best experiences. An ideal tour guide answers every question that tour members ask. It enables every guest to feel comfortable that his or her questions have been tackled the best way possible.




The above article on the Qualities of a Great Tour Guide should make the process of guiding and providing guests with important and truthful information easier. For outdoor tours, it’s not enough that you burn belly fat fast because you walk fast. Remember for the best outcome; consider using headsets, which will ensure everyone hears you clearly. Consider reading online reviews of the best tour guide companies when looking to hire one. They ensure you get the best value for your money.