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Microsoft has issued a reminder that Windows 10 version 21H2 is reaching its complete end of support in less than 30 days. On June 11, 2024, Windows 10 21H2 Enterprise, Education, and IoT Enterprise will receive their final security update. After that, 22H2 will be the only supported Windows 10 version for regular and business consumers.

As a reminder, consumer editions of Windows 10 version 21H2 reached their end of life in June 2023. It received 8 years of active support, with 12 more months for enterprise SKUs.

The end of support means Microsoft will no longer release security updates and bug fixes. Therefore, customers and businesses should plan to upgrade their systems to keep them protected from potential security vulnerabilities. Non-managed systems will update to version 22H2 automatically.

From the official documentation:

On June 11, 2024, Enterprise, Education, and IoT Enterprise editions of Windows 10, version 21H2 will reach end of servicing. The upcoming June 2024 security update, to be released on June 11, 2024, will be the last update available for this version. After this date, devices running this version will no longer receive monthly security and preview updates containing protections from the latest security threats.

To help keep you protected and productive, Windows Update will automatically initiate a feature update for Windows 10 business devices not managed by IT departments when these are nearing end of servicing. Moving to Windows 10, version 22H2 keeps your device supported and receiving monthly updates that are critical to security and ecosystem health.

Of course, Microsoft also took the opportunity to remind users that Windows 11 exists and eligible devices can jump-ship to the latest operating system, which struggles to maintain its customer base as of recently:

As always, we recommend that you upgrade eligible devices to Windows 11. For detailed information, see the Windows 10 Enterprise and Education and Windows 10 IoT Enterprise lifecycle pages. For information about servicing timelines and lifecycle, see Windows 10 release information, Windows 11 release information, Lifecycle FAQ – Windows, and Microsoft Lifecycle Policy search tool.

It is worth noting that the end of Windows 10 version 21H2 support does not affect the LTSC 2021 release. Lont-Term Servicing Channel versions have a much longer lifecycle (hence the name), and Microsoft plans to continue providing support for Windows 10 Enterprise and IoT Enterprise LTSC 2021 until January 12, 2027.


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