Frontiers for Young Minds and CERN collection


Frontiers for Young Minds and CERN collection

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Frontiers for Young Minds, the award-winning, open-access scientific journal for kids, has published the first articles in a new collection in collaboration with CERN, one of the world’s largest centers for scientific research. The collection, entitled SPARK-ing big questions: what is the future of health technology?, addresses key questions on how ground-breaking health technologies and science can improve human health for future generations.  

The articles are written by researchers who attended the SPARKS! Serendipity Forum at CERN in 2022, an event for scientific and other experts to come together to collaborate, learn from each other, and address some of the complex problems facing society. As one of the largest laboratories hosting collaborative research in the world, and a leader in fields that increase our knowledge of the universe and impact our lives, including health, CERN offers a platform to host such multidisciplinary discussions and curate the serendipity that may bring about benefits to society. The collaboration between Frontiers for Young Minds and CERN enables the sharing of this information with young audiences in a way that is accessible for them. 

As part of the unique Frontiers for Young Minds process, the articles have been reviewed by kids aged 8-15 to make sure the concepts are understandable for their peers. All articles are freely available on the journal website.  

The first three articles in the collection are: 

New articles will be added to the collection in January 2024 to help young minds engage with the topics of health literacy, open science, and bioinformatics. Together, the collection of articles will help the next generation of scientists and engaged citizens to understand and grapple with the big questions which they will have to face in their own healthcare as people continue to live longer.  

To read the articles, visit the Frontiers for Young Minds website.  

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