What you need to know

  • Microsoft is trying to get more users to transition from the native Mail & Calendar apps to the new Outlook on Windows.
  • The tech giant is set to replace the Windows Mail and Calendar with the new Outlook app.
  • Several users have complained about the new platform’s look and feel, as well as its performance and feature parity difference with the native client.
  • Some users also complained that they couldn’t access the new Outlook app because they didn’t have Microsoft Edge installed on their PCs. 

“I genuinely think the new Outlook for Windows is the worst built-in OS email client of any OS platform on the market right now,” says our Senior Editor, Zac Bowden, while explaining why he hates the new Outlook for Windows and still prefers the fast and lightweight old Windows Mail & Calendar apps. “Samsung Email is better than this. Gmail is better than this. Apple Mail is better than this. Why? Because all of those apps are built using native UI frameworks that integrate with the OSs they’re built for.”

As you might already know, Microsoft is set to remove the Mail & Calendar apps from the Microsoft Store later this year. Windows 11 shipped in 2021 and despite Microsoft’s efforts to enhance and improve its user experience with a plethora of nifty features and Copilot AI, its global market share still struggles. This can be attributed to the operating system’s stringent minimum requirements to run on a PC alongside some “design flaws” pointed out by several users. 


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