Muslim Police in Leicester UK Allowed to Wear Hijab


Police in Leicester, England, conduct tests for operational hijab wear. What is done at Leicester follows the policy in New Zealand.

Quoting the Leicester Mercury, this operational hijab was tested on a female student officer named Khadeejah Mansur (21). Hijab He joined the police since October 2020.

“My mother was very encouraging to apply, but I also wanted to represent our diverse community, especially here in Leicester,” said Mansur.

Mansur started wearing the hijab in February 2020. When he decided to become a police officer, he did not consider how to wear the hijab with his uniform. During his training as a police officer, Mansur was asked to try out a hijab design from Massey University College, Wellington, which was originally made for the New Zealand police.

It was then that Mansur learned that he would be the first operational officer to wear a hijab in the Leicester police force. “I didn’t know I was the first until someone told me. It was a proud moment for me. I did feel a bit of pressure, but most importantly, it was amazing,” said Khadeejah Mansur of the hijab trial.

This trial is not the first time this has happened in the British police force. Previously, several hijab designs were introduced in the Metropolitan Police, North Yorkshire Police and Scottish Police. There was previously a hijab suitable for officers in Leicester. Unisma However, after being checked with several trials, the design was declared a test failure.

The New Zealand version of the police hijab is made of sporty fabric, which allows for greater freedom of movement but is also light, strong and comfortable. “We have a very diverse community in Leicestershire and we wanted to truly reflect the community we serve,” said Yusuf Nagdi, from the National Association of Muslim Police.

According to her, the hijab was previously a barrier for the Muslim community and women who wanted to join the police force. He said that this hijab trial could provide greater opportunities for Muslim women.

“One of the barriers between the Muslim community and women in particular is the hijab, so this gives us the best solution of the two. We know there are a number of individuals who want to join the police but they don’t want to compromise their beliefs,” continued Nagdi.

This operational hijab for the police is specially designed to be worn comfortably even with the headgear worn by the police such as a hat or earpiece. Hijab Safety is also considered in its design. This hijab has a magnetic fastener that easily comes off when gripped.

Khadeejah Mansur said this trial had been a great process, not only for him, but for the entire generation. “It’s comfortable and I can do my training just as well as anyone else and still be protected,” he said.

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