In Qualcomm’s latest earnings call, CEO Cristiano Amon said the firm was aiming to launch its Snapdragon X Elite CPU alongside the “next version” of Windows, which the CEO expects to arrive in the middle of the year (via Beta News). While this aligns with previous rumors that suggested a June launch date, Amon came short of explicitly naming Windows 12, and the timeline for a mid-2024 launch may not make sense anymore.

The launch of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite and the “next version of Windows” has everything to do with AI, which it will certainly be a major focus for both. Windows 12 is expected to integrate AI-specific features and utilize AI hardware (as do the Meteor Lake and Hawk Point processors), ushering in the era of the AI PC. With rumors already pointing in the direction of a mid-2024 release date, it seems Windows 12 is almost upon us.


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