The latest updates from the realms of PlayStation, Nintendo, Pokemon, and The Last of Us Part 2 have stirred excitement among enthusiasts.




PlayStation Portal Global Release and Australian Launch Date Revealed

The PlayStation Portal, which debuted in select regions like the US and UK on November 15th, has garnered positive reviews for its innovative features. This device allows users to play their PS5 and PS4 games on an 8-inch LCD screen via a Wi-Fi connection with the PS5 console. Exciting news for Australian gamers— the PlayStation Portal is set to release in Australia on February 2nd, 2024, with pre-orders currently available through local retailers.

Watch the PlayStation Portal Trailer: PlayStation Portal Trailer

Early Black Friday Gaming Deals: PlayStation 5 and Xbox Offers

Black Friday gaming and tech deals have kicked off early, presenting exciting opportunities for enthusiasts. For those seeking a PlayStation 5 console, a special bundle featuring Spider-Man 2 is on sale for $679. Additionally, the DualSense controller, now available in Cobalt Blue and Volcanic Red, is discounted to $79. Xbox Series X enthusiasts can grab a console for $649. Stay tuned for more deals in the lead-up to Black Friday by checking major retailers.

Pokemon Concierge: A New Animated Series on Netflix

A new stop-motion animated series, Pokemon Concierge, has been unveiled through an enchanting trailer. The show revolves around Haru, responsible for caring for guests and Pokemon at the Pokemon Resort. Scheduled for release on Netflix on December 28th, the series promises stunning animation and a captivating storyline.

Watch the Pokemon Concierge Trailer: Pokemon Concierge Trailer

Nintendo Indie World Showcase Highlights Exciting Indie Games

Nintendo’s Indie World showcase featured a diverse array of indie games, ranging from farming simulations to cozy adventures. Notably, the Shantae series introduced Shantae Advance Risky Revolution, a game completed after 20 years. The release is set for 2024, offering unique features and a four-player local battle mode, contributing to an exciting lineup of creative indie games for Nintendo Switch in 2024.

Watch the Indie World Showcase: Nintendo Indie World Showcase


The Last of Us Part 2 Remaster Announced

Last of Us fans received big news with the announcement of a full remaster for The Last of Us Part 2, scheduled for release on January 19th, 2024. Despite being only three years old, the remaster will include enhancements for the PlayStation 5, along with new content such as outfits, lost levels, Guitar Free Play, and a rogue-like survival mode named “No Return.”

Watch the Announcement Trailer: The Last of Us Part 2 Remaster

It’s evident that the industry is buzzing with innovation, anticipation, and nostalgia. From the cutting-edge technology of the PlayStation Portal to the delightful surprises in Pokemon Concierge and the rekindling of the Shantae series, gamers have much to look forward to. The allure of Black Friday deals further sweetens the pot, while The Last of Us Part 2 remaster signals a fresh journey for fans.


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