• Cardano’s weekly report details exciting updates cutting across all areas with the ecosystem recording 169 projects, 1397 project buildings, and 9.96 million native tokens. 
  • According to the report, the consensus team reviewed the first draft of the Peras innovation. 

Cardano’s (ADA) incredible ecosystem advancement continues with its Weekly Development Report detailing major updates across core technology, wallets, scaling, Education, etc. The report, dated May 3, highlighted the launch of 169 projects and 1397 project buildings within the week. On top of that, 90 million transactions were processed, 9.96 native tokens were recorded, and 117,275 token policies were added.

Amid the backdrop of these, the site reliability engineering (SRE) team subjected the overall ecosystem to major maintenance with some of the updated developments including the deployment of Cardano node v.8.9.2 to mainnet, pre-production, preview, and shelley-qa environments. It also supported the work on querying big ledger peers. 

In addition to that, the consensus team reviewed the first draft of the Peras innovation report while working on the VRF restriction based on slot distance. On wallets and services, the Lace team tirelessly worked on developing updates for Lace v.1.11. In terms of scaling, the Mithril team prepared a new pre-release distribution 2418.1-pre including CPU support for pre-built binaries as part of the effort to prevent memory fragmentation. 

They also continued implementing the certification of Cardano transactions in Mithril networks and worked on scaling the signature and proof generation for mainnet by leveraging the compression of the transaction Merkle tree using sub-Merkle trees based on transaction block ranges during signature and proving. Additionally, they implemented a stream mechanism for importing transactions into the signer and aggregator stores.

More Cardano Update From the Mithril Team, Catalyst, and Education Team

Within the week, the team also started the implementation of the global Mithril networks configuration file. Simultaneously, they investigated the error logs that occurred unexpectedly on the Cardano node when a signer and aggregator connected to the mini-protocols. Concerning Voltaire and Sanchonet, the node and CLI team ensured the release of the Cardano node v.8.10.1-pre to SanchoNet.

For now, it is implementing tests for the Conway era in the Cardano-node repository. Also, several improvements were made to the CI pipelines on cardano-cli with build-estimate implemented to enable automatic transactions without access to a live node. 

Under Catalyst, the team has supervised the advancement of last week’s launch of Fund12 in Barcelona into the submission phase with the deadline set on May 13, 11 am UTC.

Finally, the education team commenced the work on the curriculum for the DRep Pioneer program with some members of the team attending the Builder Fest and the Catalyst Fund12 launch.

At press time, Cardano (ADA) was trading at $0.46 after surging by 2.8% in the last 24 hours and 3.8% in the last seven days. 


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