It may happen that the Windows update gets stuck during download or installation and nothing works afterwards. The problem can have different causes. But there is no need to worry: with these few tips and tricks, you’ll be able to fix the problem and install the update.

How will you do it? This is what you will learn in this article.

Solution 1: wait

If the update doesn’t work, you might want to wait a bit. The duration may vary between 30 minutes to about 2 hours. So, I highly recommend that you grab your favorite membrane keyboard and begin a session of Call of Duty.

In the case of a large update or a slow computer, the processing time may be particularly long. There is also the case where the update display stops at a certain percentage, although it continues without any issues in the background.

If the installation was unsuccessful, you must check for updates again or run the Windows Update troubleshooter.

Solution 2: Troubleshoot Windows

For update issues, Microsoft offers its own Windows Update troubleshooter. To activate it, follow these steps:

  • Open Windows “Settings”.
  • Click on ” Update & Security “.
  • Select ” Troubleshoot” from the left pane.
  • Under the heading Fix the directly problem , click Windows Update .

In many cases, Windows will find the error responsible for blocking the update and can fix it automatically.

Solution 3: Manually install Windows update

Instead of the automatic installation, you also have the option of installing the Windows update manually. You need to do this:

  • Open the “Settings” application.
  • Click on ” Update & Security “.
  • On the tab Windows Update , select the Check option for updates .

Solution 4: Check Windows Storage Space

Make sure you have enough memory available on your device. If the memory is almost full, the update may not be downloaded and installed. For that, proceed as following :

  • Open Windows File Explorer.
  • Click on This PC on the left.
  • Check that there is enough space on your drive C . You need a minimum of 32 GB available.

If not, you need to eliminate unnecessary data, such as infrequently used programs, and make some space.

  • Open the “Settings” application.
  • Click System > Storage .
  • Go to Configure Storage Assistant or run it now , and click Run Now .

Solution 5: Use the Windows Update troubleshooter

Microsoft provides free tools to help troubleshoot Windows updates. In this case, it is recommended to use the Reset Windows Update Tool , which will help you to fix the problem. Here’s how the app works:

  • Download the tool directly from Microsoft .
  • Unzip the archive file and run the file ResetWUEng.cmd with administrator rights. To do this, right-click on the file and select Run as administrator .
  • Answer the security question with Yes.
  • Then select Reset Windows Update Components from the script menu. This process may take some time which depends on your PC. Then the update should work again without any issues.

Solution 6: Disconnect USB and other devices from PC

Printers, external hard drives or USB drives connected to the PC or laptop can also cause problems. It is best to remove all unnecessary external storage devices and drives, docking stations and other hardware components connected to the PC or laptop. Then try to install the update again.

Solution 7: Uninstall unknown devices

Open Device Manager by right-clicking the Windows Start icon , then selecting Device Manager from the menu. Now look for any device with a yellow exclamation mark in the window that appears and uninstall it by right clicking.

Solution 8: restart the computer

If you are having problems updating Windows, a restart can often be the solution. Updates that have already been installed will be completed. After restarting, you can download and install all other updates again.

Windows Update blocked: what to do?

To sum up: If a Windows update is stuck on your computer, there are several ways to fix the problem, often without much effort. It may be necessary to disconnect all USB devices from the PC or to free up storage space. Otherwise, Microsoft will help you with the Windows Update troubleshooter or the Reset Windows Update Tool .

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